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Established in 2006, WellnessatWork recognised the need for an innovative, creative and client-centered approach to Wellbeing in the Workplace

Our Expertise

With over 30 years in Corporate Wellbeing, our models are not only tried and tested, they have also evolved to ensure that Companies remain relevant in providing a wellbeing service to their employees.

Needs and requirements of employees evolve and what was relevant in 2006 is not necessarily relevant in 2022 and will not necessary be relevant in 2030. Partnering with an agile partner to adapt to these changes are therefore critical.

Our Philosophy

At the core of sustainability is self management.

Creating dependancy and a reliance threatens both the impact and the sustainability of any Wellbeing Strategy.


Our philosophy is based on our experience of over 30 years:

Committed Leadership results in a Wellness Intervention that is Accountable; resulting in an Impact that is Sustainable. 

Wellbeing is no longer an element of Employee Benefits but rather a critical element of Corporate Culture.

Re-Imagining Wellness 

With a tremendous shift in the way we view Wellness and the role Employers play in Mental Wellbeing, we reset traditional ways of delivering and responding to Wellness.


Relevancy, Inclusivity and Self-responsibility, are all integrated in the Holistic Employee Wellbeing suite.

With a unique multi-dimensional learning platform that drives what you want, when you want it and how you want it, we cement self-driven and accountable wellbeing.

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